A Healthy Dog

Is A

Happy Hound

Welcome to Happy Hound Artisan Bakery, where tail-wagging delight meets wholesome, nutritious goodness! Our passion for pampering your furry friends shines through in every carefully crafted dog treat we bake. At Happy Hound, we believe that our four-legged companions deserve the best, which is why we use only the finest human-grade ingredients in our treats. Each delightful bite is a testament to our commitment to providing healthy and delicious options for your beloved pets. Whether it’s a Protein Paw or Cheezy Pupcorn, our treats are made with love and care. As you can see in our logo, Bertie, our beloved retriever, is the heart and soul of Happy Hound Artisan Bakery, embodying the joy and companionship we strive to deliver. Explore our range of flavours that will have your pups begging for more. Join us on a journey of joy, health, and happy hounds!


Bulb Booster

Healthy Spring, Happy Dog

Bulb Booster is specially formulated with essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's well-being. Not only does Bulb Booster act as a natural insect repellent against ticks and fleas, but it also aids in natural worming for tapeworm and roundworm.
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Sunpower Bites

10% To Mountbatten Hospice

For every purchase of Sunpower Bites you make, we will donate 10% to the Mountbatten Hospice. The team at Mountbatten Hospice work tirelessly in the aid of others so we want to give back.
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What Our Customers Are Barking About...

    Oh my! Thank you so much for sending our lovely treats 💖 After being poorly last week, queen Peggy has loved getting chops round some...Ivy and Beryl love them too! Xx

    Millie Lockley-Boyd

      Ordered late on Friday night, and have just received my doggies treats!! What a fantastic service!! Thank you so much, will definitely be buying more often 💙

      Kelly Louise Ashbrook

        Sent some to my puppy owners and these went down a treat! Owner was so happy as they had the boys names on but more importantly the dogs absolutely loved them. Thank you so much!

        Sonia Snell

          Such lovely treats, amazing customer care and my pups absolutely loved everything ❤️

          Heidi Lee

            Absolutely amazing quality treats, my boys go mental for them every time! I love the fact it has the allergy ingredients listed on it so is very easy to read especially if you were to have a dog with allergies! Tried the new coconut crumble too which is also a massive hit! Please if you love your dogs spoil them with this 10000000/10 recommend!💕 thank you so much again!🥰

            Hazel Gibson

              Fantastic service as always ❤️ doggo’s had their first taste of the brand new No. 7 tonight!!! It went down a storm, as does all the products from this wonderful brand 😍 my dogs have coconut crumble daily, as well as protein paws for healthy treats. The new No. 7 is packed full of super ingredients and I’m thrilled to be able to add it to my dogs diet.

              Charlotte Ratsey