Heart Health-Pawsitively Healthy Hearts

Pawsitively Healthy Hearts: The Unbreakable Bond Between Dogs and Heart Health Hi Happy Hound family! February is not just the month of love, it’s also Heart Health Month! Did you know that our furry friends play a significant role in keeping our hearts happy and healthy? At Happy Hound Artisan Bakery, we believe in nurturing […]

Wagging into the New Year

10 Pawsome Resolutions for You and Your Pup! Happy New Year, fellow pet parents! As we embark on a brand-new year, let’s make it the best one yet for you and your furry friends. At Happy Hound Artisan Bakery, we’ve curated a list of resolutions that will not only strengthen the bond between you and […]

Deck the Paws

Deck the Paws Creating a Dog-Friendly Christmas Wonderland with Happy Hound Artisan Bakery Greetings, fellow dog enthusiasts and festive fur parents! As the holiday season approaches, we at Happy Hound Artisan Bakery are excited to guide you through the joyful journey of creating a dog-friendly Christmas environment for your beloved canine companions. After all, the […]