Protein Paws 100g


Protein Paws offers dog treats crafted with the superpowers of ground Chickpea, ensuring a delicious and sensitive-diet-friendly experience.

Packed with fibre and essential vitamins, these treats incorporate the benefits of Lecithin for cell repair, improved immune function, and enhanced vitamin absorption. Featuring natural peanut butter, Protein Paws deliver a protein-packed punch that promotes muscle health, repairs damage, and includes Niacin for digestive health. Omega-3-rich Chia seeds contribute to brain, eye, and joint health, while the 100% natural ingredients, small-batch baking process, and absence of preservatives make Protein Paws a wholesome and economical choice. Perfect for training, these treats come in various themes and sizes, suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes.


Presenting Protein Paws, where the mighty ground Chickpea takes centre stage to create treats that are both delicious and suitable for all dogs, even those with food sensitivities. Our treats are bursting with fibre and essential vitamins, making them a delightful and healthy choice for your furry companion.


Found in the heart of Protein Paws, offers remarkable benefits such as repairing cell membranes, enhancing immune function, aiding in vitamin absorption, and even improving memory and learning abilities.


Essential for good heart, nerve, and muscle function, is a key component of our treats. Additionally, Vitamin A supports growth and immune function, Vitamin B regulates energy and metabolism, and Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing inflammation and cognitive ageing.

Nature’s Best:

Our commitment to natural ingredients shines through as we blend high-quality peanut butter into our secret recipe, providing a hefty protein boost. This ensures healthy muscle development, easy repair of muscle damage, and benefits from Niacin, aiding in the breakdown of dangerous bacteria in the digestive tract.

Omega 3:

Loaded with healthy fats, our treats promote balanced skin, a shiny coat, and can even aid in repairing irritated or damaged skin.

Omega-3-rich Chia seeds contribute to brain and eye development, growth, joint support, skin-coat health, and immune system function, while stabilising blood sugar levels and insulin function.

No Nasties:

With zero preservatives, additives, or salt, Protein Paws treats are a wonderful choice for your canine companion. Baked with love in our Happy Hound family kitchen on the Isle of Wight, these small-batch treats retain all their yummy goodness. Freeze them until you’re ready to use, making them not only nutritious but also economical for your furry friend.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Directions of Use

Due to the natural composition of our products, once defrosted, they should be stored in an airtight container in your refrigerator and consumed within two weeks to ensure your dog enjoys them at their best.

Protein Paws aren't just a treat; they're the perfect training reward! Available in a variety of themes and sizes. These treats can safely and responsibly be enjoyed by dogs of all shapes and sizes. They make an excellent addition to enrichment activities and work wonders as rewards during puppy/dog training and behaviour maintenance. Suitable for puppies and dogs over 8 weeks of age, Protein Paws should be fed in moderation, and fresh drinking water should always be available and freely accessible.


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